Who We Are

BugBounty.ps is one of HTD Technologies initiatives to help businesses securing and protecting their digital assets.

Our community of ethical hackers will constantly look for vulnerabilities and provide organizations with sustained security to prevent cyber-attacks, theft of data and abuse.

Only Pay Upon Successful Vulnerability Disclosure

Payment = Bug’s Severity


Cybersecurity threats are more frequent, sophisticated, and disruptive than ever.

Bug bounty is always an effective measure to enhance your cybersecurity regarding all the weaknesses that might be found and exploited by the eye of a real hacker.

Cost Effective

Bug bounties are cost-effective as rewards are tied to successful outcomes.

Identify Risks

With Bug Bounty, organizations have a higher probability of identifying vulnerabilities before they can be used in attacks.

Continuous Testing

Bug bounty is a continuous testing to have an up-to-date understanding of your risk.

Validated Reports

With a professional security team, we will help you to reduce the resources needed for managing reports and focus on what matters.

One Single Vulnerability Is All What Attackers Need

We Find Bugs – You Fix Them


Our ethical-hackers have unique skills, qualifications and perspectives that clients need to solve tough security challenges. They do not only manage day-to-day program interactions, but also promote skills development and always up to date with the latest bug bounty techniques.

Your Strength is to Prepare for What’s Next,

NOT for What was Last!


Don't Pay for Vulnerability Assessment or Penetration Testing Anymore!
Our Bug Bounty service includes:

Vulnerability Scan

We regularly perform vulnerabilities assessment to identify security issues in your network and systems.

Penetration Testing

Our expert testers will analyze all aspects of your systems to help you stamp out security weaknesses.

Bug Bounty

Continuous security tests carried out by ethical hackers to prevent cyber-attacks, theft of data and abuse.

Uncover Security Vulnerabilities That Others Miss

Our Hunters Are Continuously Testing Your Systems


Every private bug bounty goes through a set process to ensure clients get the best possible outcome. Our team of security experts understands the challenges of security leaders and can help you to integrate bug bounty into your cybersecurity strategy.



Identifying the objectives and requirements, scope, timeframes, and rewards for the reported vulnerabilities.



An agreement will be signed regarding the scope, pricing, timeframes and communication requirements.



During the testing, we are simulating attacks similar to real life in order to get the most accurate result.



With the validated reports, you will be able to prioritize the discovered vulnerabilities and fix the identified risks.

Attackers Don’t Take A Day Off

Neither Should Your Security


What is BugBounty.ps?

BugBounty.ps is operated by HTD Technologies (www.HTD.red), a leading Cybersecurity Services provider based in Palestine.
Our platform provides private bug bounty services for clients from both private and public sectors to identify and tackle vulnerabilities in their tech products and websites by professional cybersecurity researchers in a cost-efficient way.

Why do we need bug bounty programs?

A bug bounty program does not replace a pen-test, and vice versa. Even if we assume your platform is 100% secure today, we can’t assume that it will always be. New features, new updates and new discoveries can all introduce new vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Having a bug bounty program ensures your platform is always being tested and free of bugs.

What can be tested in a bug bounty program?

Organizations typically define the bounty scopes around mobile apps, web apps, IoT, cloud services, and everything in between. Researchers and testers are expected to stick with the scope only.

What is the cost of running a Bug Bounty program?

The cost depends on the size of your platform / product and the reward range based on the bug's severity.

How does BugBounty.ps guarantee the integrity and ethics of its researchers?

Our researchers sign a General Terms of Use (“GTU”) committing them to strictly comply with the rules of each program they participate in, as well as the confidentiality of the data to which they are likely to access. Finally, researchers are rewarded with points used to rank them on our platform. This rating takes into account the quality of their interactions with customers, and thus encourages them to offer the best possible experience.